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Prefabrication of the mechanical systems ahead of onsite construction plays a key role in schedule management. CMI’s 150,000 SF, fully automated sheet metal and piping fabrication shop is fully equipped with the latest fabrication equipment, overhead cranes, etc. and is one of the largest and most modern facilities in the Bay Area.

CMI’s engineering department is staffed by a group of fifty (50) highly qualified professionals with experience in the areas of design, engineering and construction of complex projects in both the public and private sectors. Among this corps of graduate engineers are more than twenty (20) Registered Professional Engineers, LEED Accredited Professionals and many active ASHRAE members.

We employ trained and certified Union workers to staff our fabrication shop and field crews. They comprise a skilled and qualified workforce to meet your schedule in this tight labor market.


CMI is committed to prefabricating as much as possible for several reasons all of which benefit the project. A few of the many benefits to pre-fabrication are an accelerated project schedule, improved safety, higher productivity and a better, more consistent quality through the controlled shop environment.


By prefabricating, we can more efficiently manage the peaks and valleys of the project needs. We can prefabricate well in advance when our shop workload is lower, which is made possible by our large warehouse space, ultimately reducing the amount of deliveries to the site.

In addition to prefabrication, we are equipped with ample lay down area 10 acres for storage  of materials for just-in-time delivery, and a fleet of trucks to deliver the prefabricated materials to complete the process in-house. We are pushing the limits of prefabrication continually and are limited only by transportability and site access. We will work with other trades such as electrical to produce combined modular prefabricated racks if the project design requires.

Pumps Skid


Prefab Pipe For Installation


Prefab Duct


Prefab for Delivery to Jobsite


Prefab for Installation


Prefab Duct Awaiting Delivery


Modular Prefabrication


Prefab for Delivery to Jobsite


Prefab Installed


Prefab Installed

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