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Location: Burlingame, CA 

General Contractor: Rudolph & Sletten Inc.

Size: 770,000 SF


Six independent buildings will be constructed, comprising approximately 770,000sf, including an above grade parking structure, a below-grade parking level below Buildings

BUR0101/BUR0105 and BUR0102/BUR0103, and surface parking. The Windsurfer project will create a campus that will become an integrated AR/VR office and research facility, with associated amenities.

The scope of this project includes tenant improvement of four commercial office/lab buildings and one Events Center.  At completion, the project will accommodate an estimated head count of 3,600 staff. The project includes:


  • 185,000 square feet of specialty labs,

  • 56,000 sf of food service

  • 9,200 sf of events space and typical Facebook office & amenity programs

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